Save Money on Your Move!

If you hire professional movers or count on your friends. Here are a few things that can really make things go faster. Which saves you money, which really makes the ole’ man happy.  🙂   Moving into a new house can be  a stressful time. At the same time it’s exciting you are moving into a […]

How To Store Your Mattress when Moving

When Moving sometimes it is necessary to store your mattress.  If your items are going to be stored short term then you don’t really need to overthink how your items are stored.  However if you are storing for a long period of time, how your items are stored makes all the difference in the world! […]

Will my movers show up if it’s raining?

You scheduled your move months in advance, everything is ready to go……. It’s finally moving day and it’s pouring down rain, what now? If possible watch the weather reports when your moving day is approaching and communicate with your moving company.  If it is calling for 60% chance of rain or better see if they […]