Storing your items, should you choose Pods or Self Storage?

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Storing your furniture is sometimes necessary, whether your  are moving, downsizing or just cleaning out the garage. There usually comes a time for all of us when we just need some room. Now do you choose Pods or traditional self storage, that’s the big question of today.  We have gathered some info on both sides […]

Moving in the Summer!

Tips for Moving in the Summer Moving during the Summer means you probably don’t have to worry about missed school days for the kids.   It’s warmer outside which puts most people in a more energetic mood and may get you some extra help! Summer is peak moving season for moving companies so make sure […]

How to Move a Baby Grande Piano

When it comes to moving pianos, knowledge is key.   Here we are going to discuss how to move a baby grande piano. Baby Grande pianos are particularly important to keep from damaging the piano.  It is easy to warp a lid on Grande and Baby Grande piano’s if you or your movers don’t know […]