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Are You Planning A Family Outing In North Brentwood Tennessee? 3 Things You Can Do There!

Are you planning to take the family out this weekend? If you live near Brentwood Tennessee and want to drive a bit up North (but not as far as Nashville), then we have 3 fun things you guys can do.

North Brentwood is a renowned destination to dine, shop, and enjoy different cultural activities and architecture. There’s no way one day will be enough to visit all these places, but these three should get you started in planning your day while there.

You guys are likely to have a good time, make a few memories, and most importantly, enjoy the time there. The activities here are truly endless with great outdoor spaces, restaurants, and more. If you are planning to move here, a few nearby areas include Whispering Hills, TN 37211, Caldwall, and Crieve Hall.

So if you don’t want to drive all the way up to Nashville, then why not plan your day near Brentwood? Alright then! Let’s get into our recommendations. Here are 3 things you and your family can do while visiting North Brentwood.

1. Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Have you been planning to take a walk on the wild side once you visit Nashville? Then, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere will serve you just right! With 300+ species to see and a wide range of shows and activities to enjoy, you and your family will truly experience an amazing day at this popular destination.

Generally speaking, there are many other spots that you could choose to try during your stay here in Music City, but the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is the best! You can also come up with a few exciting things that you can do during your family vacation.

You also need to know the ins and outs that Nashville can provide. You might be wondering what this is? Keep reading.

an alpaca animal representing the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

For starters, there is a new zipline on the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Consider taking a flight with your entire family on the newest attraction at Nashville Zoo, Soaring Eagle! This is an amazing way to view different exotic animals from 110 ft. in the air. And the exciting addition to this Nashville Zoo at Grassmere consists of the newly introduced zipline rides. It usually raises two people at a go, and then ascends 28mph back down! Typically, Soaring Eagle will cost you $8 per ride and runs during park hours. Any member can buy a $50 pass for unlimited rides on the Wild Carousel, the zipline, and the Wilderness Express Train.

Has anyone in your family ever wished to be up-close and personal with animals? Well, Critter Encounters is the ideal venue to make that dream a reality! This interactive region is located between the Flamingo Lagoon and the Unseen New World. It allows people of all ages to pet a variety of birds, alpaca, Galapagos tortoises, goats, and even camels. Visitors are also encouraged to groom or pet the animals.

Do you want to know about the history of the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere? Grassmere Historic Home was built in 1810 and is Grassmere Historic Farm’s centerpiece. What’s more, it appears on the National Register of Historic Homes list. You can also get a guided tour to find out more regarding the property’s history and even learn how this zoo came to be situated here. The public can access tours seasonally. Tours enable you and your family to see a few family portraits, vintage pieces of furniture, and an extensive book collection.

2. Visit the Plaza Mariachi

For a long time now, Nolensville Pike is popular for being a multicultural part of town. Furthermore, Mexican taquerias are literally next door to Korean Churches, Middle Eastern restaurants, and Indian markets. In a three-mile stretch alone, you can find ten international markets. Back in 2016, Nashvillians in this region were wild up with curiosity as to what a neglected Kroger building found in Nolensville Pike would turn out to be once construction started on site.

Located close to Crieve Hall, the Plaza Mariachi was opened in 2017 to great fanfare and has developed to be wildly popular. By taking an outside look, you may walk in expecting a basic shopping mall. However, once you step inside, you will immediately be taken to a Latin American with appealing food stalls surrounding a central food court, as well as little streets lined with many different shops carrying a wide range of things including folk crafts, and even the most beautiful quinceañera dresses you can imagine!

The tactile design of the destination is also incredible, with various business fronts sporting tile, stained glass, adobe, thatching, and mosaic, most with flowering vines overflowing from the roofs. Even though its space might feel like an open-air plaza, it’s actually the renovated Kroger. Typically, the air is supplied by three huge skylights that provide the food court with a sun-dappled feeling.

Based on the time of the day and which day it is, your trip may be accompanied by a violin, a flamenco guitar, or even a full Mariachi band. The band usually performs on a stage while everyone else wanders by eating street corn, paletas, or any other manner of tasty treats.

You can also hear music every day, and circus performances are usually weekend stapes. However, the fun does not end there! There is more…

The Plaza Mariachi also boasts trivia nights, karaoke, Mexican folk dancing, and salsa dance nights. It is sometimes modified into a Latin dance club, and at other moments a wrestling ring is fixed so that patrons may enjoy Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libre) while they eat. Needless to say, you can also find incredible lattes and equally incredible margaritas, based on your mood.

Once you scan the crowd, you can get the impression that this Plaza Mariachi is partly Hispanic ambassadorship to Nashville and partly Hispanic community center. More often than not, patrons are of Latinx origin or extraction. With that said, the atmosphere is still welcoming to people from outside the community. Couples, families, various groups, and high school kids that usually hang out at the arcade (Yes, they have an arcade) co-exist pleasantly and peacefully. All colors of humanity are represented. Besides, who in their right mind does not acknowledge good music, tasty food, or even circus babes in an idyllic setup?

3. Visit the Tennessee Agricultural Museum

Are you into agriculture and how a particular food is made? If so, the Tennessee Agricultural Museum is a perfect place to visit. Apart from being very authentic, they also have special events on the weekends during summer. During these events, kids can learn lots of wonderful things. You can go for the goats galore this weekend to feed and milk goats and view the metro police horses. Additionally, they have cheese making, soap making, and see honeybees in some observation bee-hive.

You’ll also get to see crafts that had been practiced in Tennessee back in the 1900’s such as blacksmithing, pottery, and weaving. Sheep shearing, spinning, and butter churning was a normal part of farm life up until electricity was introduced. Typically, Tennessee State Foresters will educate you when it comes to woodworking projects. Generally speaking, the museum is free and consists of a wide range of antiquities that involve agriculture. And apart from the ground being extremely gorgeous, it is surrounded by a well-spacious park.

Other Attractions

There are many other attractions and sites nearby, such as the Ellington Agricultural Center. Located in Nashville, TN, Ellington Agricultural Center houses beautiful grounds, outdoor activities, and numerous events that any tourist will enjoy. Not to mention all the great food down Antioch Pike, everything from Mexican, Thai, Japanese Steakhouse, and many other classic food places. You won’t go hungry!

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