Traffic can be a Nightmare Commuting Guide to Nashville

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Commuting Guide to Nashville

Nashville is booming! As one of the largest and fastest-growing populations in the state, new citizens are flocking to the city and its surrounding suburbs. And thankfully, there are plenty of great areas for new Nashville residents to choose from if you’re planning to move here.


However, one factor that plays a huge role in deciding where to move is the expected commute. For those living in the outskirts of town but work in the center of the city, this can take on an important role in planning your new home. With the help of this guide, the commute into town is nowhere near the nightmare you may think – and it is absolutely worth it. By the way, remember, if you need movers in Nashville or movers in Brentwood to help you and your family move safely, feel free to reach out to Master Movers.

Commuting to Nashville

Easing Your Commute

Frustrating commutes are made much easier when you are able to enjoy the drive. There are a number of great ways to keep yourself entertained during that time in the car. Find something entertaining to listen to on your drive, such as a podcast series, a morning radio show, audiobooks, or the perfect commuting playlist. Playlists and shows can be great ways to start or end your day,


If you feel like being more productive on your drive, you could learn a new language using a language app. Develop a routine that you can look forward to.  This is a small step that turns what was once a boring into something to look forward to.  


Of course, commuting to Nashville is much easier when you’re in a comfortable car. Comfort is subjective, but there are certain aspects of a commuter car that everyone can appreciate – including cushioned seating and plenty of space. Another aspect to consider is how smoothly the car rides – driving down Interstate 24 should feel like a breeze, not a roller-coaster nightmare. And, of course, master the drain of stop-and-go traffic with a car that’s fuel-efficient.

Picking Your Neighborhood

One of the keys to mastering your commute is to decide which area you would prefer to live in. Luckily, Nashville is made up of tons of really fantastic neighborhoods.Nashville neighborhoods


Goodlettsville is one of the more popular neighborhoods. Although it is technically its own independent city, its location just north of Nashville’s heart makes it the perfect 30-minute commute into town. Staying in Goodlettsville offers residents the chance to consider themselves from Nashville, but feel a part of a unique community of their own.


Elliston Place is another great neighborhood within Nashville’s borders. Known as one of the more trendy neighborhoods, Elliston Place is close enough to the Vanderbilt University to draw in a younger crowd. With commutes as short as 15 minutes, it’s hard to argue the merits of living so deep in the city.


For families looking to stay within the city limits, consider staying in Hermitage. This neighborhood is known for its family-friendly community and rich history, as can be seen at the National Historic Landmark, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.  There are tons of places in this neighborhood for the whole family to enjoy and the average commute is around 25 minutes, and


Brentwood, TN is another great place to live with the family. Situated just 30 minutes outside of Nashville, it’s close to enough that the drive is not a problem, even during rush hour. It is located in Williamson County, just south of Nashville’s center. Niche rated it the best suburb to raise a family in near Nashville, giving Hermitage a run for its money. Living here will get you close enough to be apart of city life, but offer you the chance to get away from it.


Lebanon, TN is a great option for those who want to be a bit further from Nashville, but still within practical driving range. Home to a little over 32,000 residents, Lebanon is perfect for those looking for a small-town feel within a larger city. It sits about forty minutes from Nashville, which is about an hour in rush hour. However, the commute is worth the wait for the chance to live in such a quaint town.


Nolensville, TN is situated about thirty minutes south of Nashville and is yet another great option to reside with the family. The town has recently seen the development of several housing communities and has even recently created a new town hall. In rush hour traffic, a drive from Nolensville to Nashville can take about forty minutes.


To get a more specific idea of what your expected drive time maybe, check out Nesting in Nashville’s heat maps. They conveniently break down the average commute duration based on location and have great examples of 15, 20, 30, and 40-minute distances. Williamson Source details the traffic to expect from each county going into Nashville. Regardless of where you live, being on top of the traffic game is the best cure to any possible commuting woes you may face.

Happy Moving Nashville!

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