Moving to Bigger Premises?

How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Office Furniture Relocation Services Provider

Empty all the cupboards and drawers.
This is usually the part most people dread when it comes to office furniture relocation services, is cleaning out all the drawers and cupboards. However, keeping everything in the drawers does mean the furniture is heavier to carry and increases the chances of injury to your movers, so for safety sake and liability, make sure to unpack all the drawers before they show up.

When unpacking the filing cabinets, you should need at least 1.5 boxes for every drawer of paperwork. Which could be the incentive you need to finally get rid of all the old paperwork you no longer need.

Unbolt all the furniture beforehand.
Before your professional office equipment relocation movers show up, make sure you have unbolted all the furniture, shelving, and desks or cubicles. That saves your movers time and saves you money also.

Disassemble your furniture.
When you are disassembling furniture, do not lose any bolts, screws, or other vital pieces of your furniture. Put them in a plastic bag and secure them to the corresponding furniture. This will reduce the stress of putting your furniture back together once you have relocated because there is nothing worse than trying to get back to use a desk which is in pieces because you cannot find the screws.

Only use professional movers.
Choose movers that have experience moving commercial furniture. Which means they understand what is needed to move a business effectively and efficiently. Hiring a professional moving company does make all the difference.

Remember to label everything.
The more specific you get the better. For instance, labeling a filing cabinet as 1, you will then mark the boxes of its contents 1, this makes it easier to know which boxes go with which filing cabinets. The same can be said for large pieces of office furniture so the movers know where they have to be placed.

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