I think most of us have in mind our dream home.  Whether it is a luxurious condo in a big city, or a sprawling mansion with no neighbors, it’s their.  Ahh to dream.

Spanning over 90,000 sq ft. I can’t even imagine. My first thought is, oh to clean such a place, but I guess if you are among the super rich you don’t have to do pesky things like clean your own home.

The Largest Home ever built in the United States. Nicknamed “Versailles” and is owned by David Siegel and his wife, Jackie.

This amazing home has yet to be finished but sits on 10 acres of lakefront property and when completed will have some pretty amazing features, including.

Located in Winderemere, Florida just 20 miles outside of Orlando.  Some say this is just a big gaudy house with no style.  What do you think?

See it Here

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